Communication design

This brochure was designed for first use during the natural wine festival ’Avskalat’ in Stockholm, October 2018. The illustrations are a natural extension of Gaumarjos’ visual identity, with weights and proportions based on the logotype. By using the illustrations, rather than generic photograph of vineyards and winemakers, the brand presence is maximised without clutter or shouting.

Since natural wine, and especially Georgian wines made in qvevri, are still fairly unknown in Sweden, the brochure had to explain not only Gaumarjos Vin as a company and the wines presented during Avskalat, but also outline the basics of qvevri winemaking and Georgia as a wine country. With very simple graphics, few words were required to get the message across and convey enough understanding to add extra value to the reader/drinker.

Format A6. Printed on MultiDesign 170 g uncoated white paper, cover in 200 g.

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