Facing Heaven – Welcome to the Sichuan Cuisine

Facing Heaven – Welcome to the Sichuan Cuisine

Book design
Art direction
Poster design
Communication design

This cookbook by renowned chef and restaurateur Erik Videgård has a sharp but playful design to make it bold enough to stand out against conventional cookbooks reliant on food photography. To enhance the book’s content, the design celebrates the least common denominator in Asian cuisine: the chopstick.

A graphic forest of chopsticks is the leitmotif in this cookbook on the Sichuan cuisine. In tandem with the various recipes, the graphic forest take diverse shapes throughout the book; on the cover a neat but edgy bamboo forest is piercing through the strong sun-yellow linen – with a texture of a table cloth that stands the strain; inside the book, the boldfaced text freeze-frames the fiery recipes, while the black sticks of bamboo come together into a coherent play.

In conjunction with the release of Erik Videgård’s cookbook Facing Heaven, eight posters were exhibited. The poster design develops the chopsticks into other formations.

Designed for Gabor Palotai Design.

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2018, winner

Swedish Design Prize 2015, Gold Medal.

Swedish Book Award 2015.

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